What do you need to have before you get your branding done?


So, you have a business idea, maybe you’re up and running, but you’ve cobbled things together yourself so far and now you’re thinking about getting professional branding done. But when is the right time to go ahead with this, and what do you need to have prepared before you hire a branding agency?

Before you go ahead and hire a graphic designer or branding agency, ask yourself:

  1. Do I know my business - do I know the industry I’m trying to break into? Do I know why I’m different (or better)? Do I know where I’d like the business to be in a year, two years or five?

    If the answer is yes - there’s always more to learn, but you’re confident you know what you’re about and who you’re up against, then you can tick this one off the list.

  2. Do you know your customer? Do you know who your target audience is, and how your product/service will help them, or why it will appeal to them?

    If the answer is yes, you’re heading in the right direction to be ready for branding…

  3. Do you have the time to give the process? You should allow 1-3 months for a complete branding process, after all it’s the cornerstone of your whole business image, so it’s a bad idea to start your branding process if you’re in a rush. Obviously you’re always busy running your business, but ask yourself if you have time for a couple of meetings or calls a week for the next few weeks, and a few hours to review the design options you’re sent?

    It sounds obvious, but you get better work if it’s not done in a hurry!

  4. Finally, do you have a realistic budget to get nice work done? The budget you have is obviously precious, and the amount you should spend really varies depending on the branding agency or designer you work with. But as a guide, you should consider a minimum of £500 for a decent logo design, and to pay between £1,000 and £5,000 to get professional and cohesive brand identity and guideline for your business.

    Get quotes, looks at people’s work, and make sure you find the right fit of person to deliver for you and your business, rather than going for the cheapest option (pay peanuts, get monkeys). Be honest to them upfront how much you can stretch to, and they’ll reward you with considered work for you.

If you feel you can tick off these 4 things, congratulations - your business is ready for the branding process!

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