Start up branding, brand refreshes, brand guidelines. You name it, we do it.

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Whether you’re looking for a brand for a new company or looking for a rebrand, we understand that your business’ image has a huge impact. Having managed over 40 branding, rebranding and brand refresh projects, you can trust in us. 

New branding

You’re setting up your business –well done you! Now you need branding to look the part. If you’d rather invest in building a robust brand that will last years than waste your first year flitting between cheap logo designs, you’re in the right place. We believe that your brand is much more than your logo, it’s how your whole business comes across to your customers –the look, the language and the mission behind it. 

The advantage of having a brand consultant work in partnership with a designer is that you get a brand that is both beautiful and robust.


If your business has outgrown the branding you have, it may be time for a refresh. Through consultation with you, we’ll look at your business and see whether you need a lift to your current branding, or a whole new look. You’ll be surprised how much the right branding can lift your business.

Why rebrand?

Rebranding isn't just about a new look, its a new lease of life for your business and can be especially useful if:

  • You're changing your business name
  • Your brand image is dated / no longer reflects your business
  • You have a new product or service so need to appeal to a broader audience
  • You aren't engaging with your audience enough and want to niche
  • You're increasing prices - perhaps even out of your current audience's reach