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Komorabi was founded in 2016 with a mission to make doing good fun. We run both public and private immersive events that incorporate charitable and volunteering elements. Our public events are all currently based in London, however private events can be located throughout the UK and make a perfect alternative to the standard team-building options.

Our name came about from our founder, Maria Lazar, brainstorming names. The words camaraderie and community kept coming up, and suddenly a Japanese word she had always loved came to mind: Komorebi, which describes the appearance of sunlight shining through the leaves of a tree. To Maria, komorebi represented the joy of appreciating your surroundings, noticing nature’s beauty and feeling gratitude. We knew we wanted something unique and catchy, and so after months of meetings without a brand name, we combined the words on the drawing board and officially became Komorabi in early 2017.




The term immersive volunteering may sound longwinded, but in reality it’s simple: immersive events have been around for years, what we’re doing is combining the fun you have on the day with a lasting impact for others through charity and community partners. 

Flea spies while spreading some good will around London, defeat the Snow Queen while gathering school supplies for a child in a developing country, the possibilities are endless. Have fun, do good. That’s really all there is to it.




We want to make doing good a part of daily life for young urbanites, rather than a time-consuming thing only some are able to commit to. We know that people aged 20-40 are keen to make the world a better place, but amidst busy work and life schedules - and the constant negatives in the news - doing good can feel out of reach. 

Our mission is simple: to make doing good fun, and to make it bitesize. By incorporating charitable acts into our events, we enable people to do good while having fun.


Our upcoming app will centre around the idea of being able to find charitable ‘quick wins’ you can do in your area each day. With repetition, habits are formed, and we see a future where volunteering is as much a part of daily life as going to the gym.

There are also numerous wellbeing benefits for those who participate in charitable activities, so it is as much self-care as it is care for others. 



Our Founder

Our founder, Maria Lazar, created Komorabi as a combination of three of her loves and interests: app development, immersive activities, and giving something back to the community. While the Komorabi app is still under development, Maria first bandied together a team of people in 2016 for an event, with a contagious energy that still spurs on the Komorabi team.

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Do good. Have fun!

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Hi, I’m Maria and I am a social good innovator.

My inspiration is my grandma - when I was a toddler, I would go with her to the care homes she volunteered at each week, and it was such an everyday part of life for me, it wasn’t until I was 7 or 8 that I realised not everyone volunteered. I had a quite frank conversation with my mum - she told me that life isn’t fair, and there’s so many problems in the world that we can’t fix. I remember being really frustrated! And I think that’s where the seed of the idea was planted - I was determined to do something about it.

Through my teens I worked as hard as I could to help those around me - from taking on extra jobs to help my family out to continuing to visit the care homes, developing websites for free for worthy organisations and mentoring women in tech; but I still had this feeling I wanted to help in a bigger way.  

By this time, I’d trained as a developer and was working full time. In early 2016 I was at a party and I started talking to someone about this ‘crazy’ idea that had been on my mind. I was used to people telling me it was a nice idea but never going to happen, but she surprised me and soon everyone at the party was discussing my idea: a social platform for good. This just left me buzzing - maybe my idea could work.

From my background in web development, I knew that bringing gaming into play would be a good idea to make it feel like you’re doing something fun, rather doing something because you ‘ought’ to be. I took the idea and threw my energy into it, and since then I’ve been met with positivity, confusion and a good amount of cynicism too, but I’ve also been met with smiles, joy and overwhelmingly positive feedback from those who’ve enjoyed our events. 

And that’s my mission, be the change, have fun.

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We work with a talented and committed bunch of actors, developers and events organisers to bring you our unique events. Find out a bit about our founders below:

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