Not your average birthday party

At how many parties can children come home saying they had fun and helped a charity out? It may sound a bit worthy, but previous attendees will tell you that their day with us was full of laughter, adrenaline and team work. We blend the fun and chase element from computer games, the storytelling and novelty of immersive theatre and volunteer activities to make completely unique events.

Children already respond well to our public events, so we asked ourselves – how wonderful would it be if we offered children’s birthday parties? The answer was pretty exciting – and so we decided to give it a whirl. 

Read more about what we do and why on this page or use our quotation form for a quick cost estimate and to discuss your party requirements.

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Our trained actors bring the event themes to life. Younger children love their characters and get very involved in the story and the actors can play their roles more serious to create a fully immersive experience for older children and teens.


Merlin’s Memories


We’ve all heard the legend of Merlin, but what if he wasn’t just legend? Mysterious messages have surfaced about a foe - rally together to help Merlin defeat his nemesis.

Charity: Glassdoor

Spy Experience


The world is under threat from some shady characters. Don your shades and become a spy in pursuit and prepare to redress the balance with activities to spread joy.

Charity: Mary’s Meals

Snow Queen Adventure

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An adaption of Hans Christian Andersen’s famous fairy tale. Help Gerda save Kay and the world from the clutches of the evil but persuasive Snow Queen.

Charity: Mary’s Meals


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Why book a Komorabi party?

  • Give children a completely unique experience, quite different from the usual children’s entertainment and cake.

  • Get your children outside, exploring and having fun

  • Exciting and engaging enough to stimulate children aged 8-14 years old

  • Our trained actors and props bring the story to life

  • Encourage team work and volunteering in a fun and memorable way

  • Children can also enjoy all the usual party elements – birthday balloons, cake and goodie bags. 


How does it work?

  • Our events are structured as scavenger hunts with clues and riddles along the way to take you from location to location.

  • Clues are either offline or sent through on our app.

  • Our party events will be based in safe, public green spaces no more than 30 minutes’ drive or public transport journey from your home.

  • A team of 3 actors and 2 facilitators will be with the children, and parents are welcome to join.

  • At the end of the party, scores are counted and a winning team is announced.

  • The activity lasts around 2 hours, after which the party can be brought back to the starting spot, your home or your party venue.


Benefits of volunteering for children

Introducing volunteering or charitable behaviour at an early age has great benefits to a child’s development. Exercises have shown increased empathy, better team work and a wider sense of responsibility in children who partake in volunteer activities.

what is immersive volunteering?

Immersive volunteering is basically doing good deeds but while immersed in a story or game. There’s a scientific explanation behind it, but put most simply, it means you can be doing charitable things without really noticing or going out of your way. Do good, have fun - that’s our motto!


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