The Flying Runner

The Flying Runner


The Flying Runner is an online magazine and gift shop for running enthusiasts. Having gained popularity since it began, the team were looking for a consistent and contemporary update to their current look, to tie in their website, store items and presence at running events.

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We collaborated with Kate of Little Designs Cambridge on this project – Kate knew the brand from previous work, but brought us in for help with the direction.

The challenge was the express the ‘free spirit’ of running, while creating a cleaner, more modern look that would appeal to a wide audience of male and female runners.

After gaining references from the client on what inspired them, we decided to keep a rustic feel to the brand, to keep the feel of the ‘joy of running outdoors’ as against a sportier, more competitive feeling.



The running girl silhouette in their existing branding was very important to the client - so we isolated that element, and gave our runner a new lease of life. 

We changed her angle and pose to express more of a victorious moment - perhaps a moment of adrenaline and freedom while running, perhaps she is approaching the final ribbon.

We then wove the text around her silhouette in a decidedly jaunty manner, again echoing the unbound feeling of running. Finally the addition of helps the brand mark work as an advert for the site at all times, while not detracting from its feel or form.



repeat pattern.jpg.png

Kate created a beautiful repeating pattern for the clients' packaging ring a final line ribbon being cut, laurel leaves (as given to runners in the ancient Olympics) and a footprint. 

We hope to work more with The Flying Runner in the future as they roll out the new look to their website, packaging and exhibition stands.